Discovering the round trip of the Confinale.

A round tour for all those who love the mountain.

An interesting and spectacular loop ride linking the Zebrù Valley to the Forni Valley passing through the most important and beautiful Huts of Upper Valtellina.
The route is liable to be modulated according to your needs at various stages, depending on the training level, can be from 2 to 5 hours.

Discover all the routes on the official website.


Discover all the routes on the official website

The round trip of the Confinale is suitable for everyone because it can be modulated and customized from 2 to 5 hours duration, depending on the time availability and physical preparation.

Its particular loop configuration allows you to start both from the Forni Hut Parking and the Niblogo Parking (Zebrù valley), depending on the Tour direction you want to take.

The easier route is the departure from Zebrù Valley (Niblogo Parking) with an overnight stay at the Quinto Alpini Hut and an overnight stay at the Forni Hut to live an unforgettable experience among the paths and mountains of the Ortles Cevedale Group.

For the most trained and experienced, start from the Niblogo Parking, you can ride in the opposite direction with longer and challenging stages and only one overnight at Quinto Alpini Hut.

There are numerous possibilities to make your trek longer by stopping at the other huts of the group.



Un suggestivo tour nel parco nazionale dello Stelvio.


Small, but beautiful.
Our Hut near in the wild Val Zebrù is waiting for you to experience an unforgettable holiday.