What we can do for you.

All that we can offer you at an altitude of 2877 meters

For 15 years now, the management of the Quinto Alpini Hut has been managed by Michele and Elena.

Attentive to the needs and wishes of the most demanding customers, they will give you a family atmosphere, and will make you discover all of the Valtellina flavors.
The newly renovated rooms with soft duvets, mattresses, pillows and slats are located in two buildings, and range from 6 to 12 beds with adjacent bathrooms (in the “Bertarelli” structure, each room has its own private bathroom).

Valtellinese cuisine and homemade cakes.


The Restaurant offers a typical Valtellinese cuisine with genuine local artisan products (coming from Shepherd’s House below, at 2152 meters)

A great deal of attention is given to the selection of the best food products.
One of the signature dishes are the home-made cakes prepared for both the bar and the restaurant (including half board, in the evening), and the main dishes with meat and polenta and cheeses from Teglio offered at the restaurant.

What you will find in our small but beautiful hut.


The hut operates with solar panels and accumulators that can secure electric current at 220 volts even during the night, electrical plugs are found in both rooms and bathrooms. In case of bad weather, the emergency generator will be switched on and can operate for several days.

Our facilities have running water with toilets and bidets, and plugs for electricity; a hot water shower is available on the first floor for an additional fee (this service can only operate based on water availability, and can not be guaranteed)

Heating is available in the public areas of the Restaurant and Bar and in some rooms.

We remind you that the use of litter bags is required.
(available on site for those who don’t have any, and are both disposable and in cloth).

Inside the hut there is a public telephone (via radio-bridge) with standard telecom tariff. We are also able to provide communications with the Alpine assistance and 118 even in bad weather and with non-functioning radio bridge.

A soft sleep at 2877meters high

AT READING TIME…guests will also find a small selection of books and publications.

And for those who would like, you can trek on the glacier, and we also provide hooks, cords, helmets, etc… to atempt the various trails (10 trails from 20 meters – from 3° to 5° gradiant).

Beds: 48 in rooms from 6 to 12 people

Beds: complete with mattress, cushion, pillowcase and fluffy goose duvets (use of the litter bag is required).

Bar and Restaurant service: 50 seats in 2 heated rooms + outdoor tables.

Toilet: 5 bathrooms adjacent to the rooms – 2 adjacent to the bar

Electricity: guaranteed 24/24 hours – 220 volt

Telephone: YES (radio-bridge)

Map: Present at the Bar

Small, but beautiful.
Our hut nestled in the wild Val Zebrù is waiting for you to experience an unforgettable weekend.